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Bayside HVAC Products has been a manufacturers’ representative in Northern California and Northern Nevada since 1992. We provide engineering support and sales of HVAC control peripherals and specialty controls products.

Manufactures’ Representatives

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Air Monotor

“Providing Air Flow Measurement and Control Since 1967"

airflow stations, probes, pressure sensors, meters, electronic transmitters and controllers

MSA Gas Detection

"A Passion For Safety"

Refrigerant Leak Detection & Alarms,Garage Ventilation Control(CO and NO2),Toxic, Corrosive & Combustible Gas Detection

Onicon: Flow and Energy measurement

“Industrial quality and accuracy for HVAC applications.”

Turbine Flow Meter, Magnetic Flow Meters, Vortex Flow meters for steam and gas, BTU Meters, Natural Gas flow, Wet and Dry Ultrasonic Meters

“Improve your safety and comfort while reducing energy use.”

Fume Hood Face Velocity Controls, Lab Room Pressure Controls, Hospital Isolation Room Controls, Venturi air valves, control dampers, Network compatibility (LON, N2, Modbus, BACnet)


Our Services

Products, Contractors, Engineers, End Users

HVAC Products

HVAC Products

Airflow Monitoring, Gas Detection, Fluid Flow & BTU Meters, Power Meters, Laboratory & Hospital Controls



Project Management, Training & Start-up Assistance, System Integration, and System Certification

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Design and Specifications Assistance that includes the most current technologies

End Users

End Users

Repair and Tune up, returning your system to full performance.

      Design and Specifications Assistance for Engineers.
      Product recommendations for contractors to ensure lowest installed cost and best performance.
      Startup, repair, and system tune up services for contractors and owners.

    Tech Notes

     NOV2014   Isolation Rooms Tech Note

    Isolation Room Pressure Monitoring Layout: Ante Room & (1) Isolation Room, Single Isolation Room, Dual Isolation Rooms with Shared Ante Room

    Isolation Rooms Tech Note

     July2019   Pharmacy Pressure Monitoring Tech Note

    Pharmacy Pressure Monitor Tech Notes

     MAY2018   Isolation Room Alams Illustrated Tech Note

    Isolation room alams illustrated Tech Notes

     MAR2019   Refrigerant Alarm System Tech Note

    Refrigerant Leak Detection & Alarms Layout: Monitors, Exhaust Fan, Emergency Ventilation Break Glass Switches, Notification Appliances

    Refrigerant Alarm System Tech NotesRefrigerant Alarm System Peripherals Tech Notes

     APR2019   Cooling Tower Drain Tech Note

    Tower Drain Flow Meter Layout: Flow Meter, Blow Down Valves, Power and Signal Wiring, Overflow, Grade

    Cooling Tower Drain Tech Notes

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